Do you know what feels really good? Knowing you had made an impact on people’s lives. The time I truly felt that was a few days ago. My team had received an email from the Assistant Principal of Activities. This is what he said: Hi ******, I presented the initiative to the Executive Council today, […]

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Verbally Fighting

What I truly learned from my English class was analyzing further than normal. I can put almost infinite items upon the table at question. The Brawl was no different. My group had a person who was really good at biology, a person who knew his sports, and a person who could come up with philosophies […]

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When something doesn’t go as planned, I tend  to deem it as a failure. This blog would be one of those things on my list. However, I learned way more from this failure than to not do it at all. I started off the school year with this blog to satisfy the needs of my teacher […]

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Victorious Accomplishments

This isn’t photography related but it was so good that I needed to reblog it. The little story she tells us is mainly about her accomplishing a milestone. However, I see the theme of not getting something unless you try. She would’ve never realised that the boy liked her until she asked him. It’s the […]

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Baron Games

The score is 45-45 Blue vs. Gold entering the Assembly day! Everyone in Gold team is nervous about the sudden tie despite their efforts to pull ahead for the whole week. Blue team, on the other hand, is going crazy over their sudden tail catching spirit! With Finals approaching in two weeks, many wonder about […]

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The Humanities of Photography

While I had covered many aspects of photography on this blog, I have never covered why we take photos. It seems simple, we like photos. It’s like why we like arts, literature, theatre, etc. A simple image about the In n Out cheeseburger you ate this morning won’t win the Pulitzer Prize. I am talking […]

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I have a huge film project to film next week. It will one of the most extensive filming I had done. Truthfully, I am afraid. A good photographer doesn’t mean he will be a good cinematographer. Photography is a totally different subject! Movement Movement is completely necessary in filming. Hence all the B-roll footages. In […]

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